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so, i think belief plays a huge part in the supernatural world in teen wolf. so in order to keep things clear, i’m understanding “to believe “ as accepting a statement as true, accepting its veracity or reality. i think that once the characters accept something as true, it can actually become real (to believe references x, x).

when one mentions belief in tw, usually the first thing to come to mind is the conversation in s2e08 in which deaton tells stiles to believe:

deaton: Not all there is. Think of it like gunpowder. It’s just powder until a spark ignites it. You need to be that spark, Stiles.
stiles: If you mean light myself on fire, I don’t think I’m up for that.
deaton: Let me try a different analogy. I used to golf. I learned that the best golfers never swing before first imagining where they want the ball to go. They see it in their mind and their mind takes over. It can be pretty extraordinary what the force of your own will can accomplish.
stiles: Force of will.
deaton: If this is going to work, Stiles, you have to believe it.

and we know belief and imagination, at the very least, inspire stiles later in the same episode:


we are reminded of the importance of belief in s5Ae03:


kira: Hey, look at this. “Remember, Tracy-bear, it only works if you believe it. Hope this helps. Love, dad.”

malia’s eye colour change can be seen as a matter of belief. we know malia believes she killed her mother and sister and that seems to be enough for her eyes to change colour. it could be it’s not so much the guilt she feels over it but  the belief she has that she did it, that she she is guilty, that causes the change. the guilt would be secondary to that.

valack wrote the book because no one believed him and it was supposed open the reader’s eyes to the doctors and, consequently, to make people believe him. it’s also interesting to note, he mentions the doctors worshiping the supernatural and that, also, requires belief even if it’s a different type.

if we consider belief has an effect on how the supernatural plays out, we could also consider scott becoming a true alpha was a matter of believing he would. in s3Ae07, deaton tells scott he believed from the moment scott was bitten:

deaton: It’s rare. It’s something that doesn’t happen within hundred years, but every once in a while a beta can become an alpha without having to steal or take that power. They call it a true alpha. It’s one who rises purely on the strength of the character, by virtue, by sheer force of will.
scott: You knew this would happen.
deaton: I believed. From the moment I knew you were bitten, I believed.
scott: You’re not the only one.
deaton: No. Deucalion isn’t after Derek. He’s after you.

even if deucalion didn’t believe it, deaton gave scott enough for scott himself to start believing. that belief would only get stronger in s3Ae09:

morrell: He wants a true alpha in his pack. He thinks it’s you and a little distraction like a few human sacrifices isn’t gonna dissuade him from the prize.
scott: I’m not an alpha.
morrell: But you’re well on your way, aren’t you?
scott: Then what is he waiting for? What does he want me to do?
morrell: He wants to make a killer out of you. That’s what he does.
Scott: But if I kill someone, I can’t be a true alpha, right?

if scott still had doubts about what deaton believed being possible, morrell reassured him, she gave him more reasons to believe he could become an alpha without killing. in fact, she gave him a reason to believe he shouldn’t kill at all. by the time it’s brought up in s3Ae10 when scott is told about it again, he didn’t have any good reasons to question the belief that, as long as he didn’t kill, he could become a true alpha.

so in s3Ae12 when scott’s eye collour changes, it could easily be a matter of scott believ ing like stiles does with the mountain ash:


and we know scott believed then he became an alpha because he tells jennifer he is one without anyone mentioning his eyes. he doesn’t now for sure his eyes changed.

jennifer: How did you do that?
scott: I’m an alpha now. Whatever you’re doing to cause this storm, make it stop, or I’ll kill you myself. I don’t care what it does to the color of my eyes.

and since i’m speculating anyway, i touched briefly on the idea of

(i meant to make a post about this forever ago but i kept postponing it and now i’m left with super vague thoughts that one day will come back in full force and be properly developed. also, screencaps from here)

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areynard asked
Seeing that "Stiles is a raven" meta post brought this to mind. I know some people in the fandom have compared Scott to Zeus but what if he's Odin with Stiles taking the role of Huginn and Muninn? Scott bring the leadership and muscle and helps to hold the group together whereas Stiles is the one that does the research and takes the lead in investigating, thus fulfilling the role of "Memory" and "Mind". This also feeds back into the Yin-Yang duality of Scott and Stiles.

Scott mostly has Odin associations, it’s just most of the pantheon associations are Greek/Roman

it’s his association with the oak tree, Zeus’ association was basically positive but Odin’s wasn’t

but it’s Odin’s that’s FASCINATING in Teen Wolf terms

Odin hung himself on the great Oak tree (not Yggdrasil which was Ash) to learn the secrets of magic, his SACRIFICE made him POWERFUL

I’m capping that because it’s just there

and I’m thinking what if the Raven is the emissary, what if it was ALWAYS the emissary, and it’s not one raven but two, Hugin and Munin, Stiles and Deaton

Stiles as THOUGHT representing change and Deaton as MEMORY representing the past

but I’ve had a really awful week and so I haven’t sat down and proved it yet, but it makes a lot of sense, Ravens are typically BFFs with wolf packs but apart from them, they have a symbiotic but not necessar y relationship with them. Ravens are often associated with magic and sorcery and arcane knowledge, they were messengers used to carry notes especially in war- another word for which is emissary, Deaton was a Rook on Stiles’ chess board, which is short for Rookery which was where they sent out those ravens.

but there’s not a lot of actual canon in that speculation atm.

this is a theory I skirt around, and it wo’t let me reblog for some reason

more and more I’m starting to think its’ true



Looking at the gifset of Lydia talking to Meredith I noticed that Lydia called Scott a monster, albeit with the caveat that he did not do monstrous things, and I made the joke on metachat that Davis had lowkey called Scott a monster. At which point @superhappygenki said it would just be Davis’ sense of humour that it would be the same episode where he came close to the beast alpha transformation. So we checked it. It wasn’t only the same episode, there were three scenes which were intercut within each other, Lydia talking to Meredith, Stiles and Malia looking for the key and Scott a nd Derek fighting the hunters.

What we noticed, and it was a we, was that Scott was called a monster and Lydia made the caveat in the one scene where Scott was truly “monstrous”.

So I thought to check something.

Going through the transcripts with ctrl+f I looked for the word monster and I found the most interesting pattern, at which point I started using rude words for having missed it.





Just posted by teenwolf​‘s

Things of note: 

1. This is ominous as fuck. “Providing for those without hope”? The fact that they made this sign presumably for a season with Lydia trapped inside doesn’t bode well at all. 

2. Artemis is the name of the Greek Goddess (weird that they used it for a man’s name) of the Moon, Archery and the Hunt. Not surprising since this is Teen Wolf, after all. But it also bolsters my firm belief that the Wild Hunt is actually going to come thundering into Beacon Hills instead of just being name-dropped. 

3. Hilda Ellis Davidson was a preeminent historian. Her specialties? Mythology and folklore, specifically German and Celtic Mythology.Her most significant thorough contributions are to the study Norse Mythology. I’m betting if we want to figure out who (or what) “La Bete” is, that’d be the place to look. My best guess would be Fenrir. (And John Posey plays Dr. Fenris, whom we saw in “A Novel Approach”. 

4. 1912 was probably chosen as the year of establishment because Season 1 was set in 2012.

one tiny correction, it is currently 2012 in BH, it started in 2011 (yeah, it’s barely been eighteen months)

1. When questioned, Stiles refers to those in the closed ward (where Lydia is, and Valack was) as “lost souls”. Valack responds, “Don’t give up on us yet. We’re all works-in-progress,“ which Lydia rightly recognizes as a phrased previously used by Peter. Valack admits as much, calling them, “Wise words from a former cellmate.”

“Those without hope” doesn ’t refer to the run-of-the-mill mental patients, they’re talking about the supernaturals. See #5 for more on that.

2. Random, but a search of “Artemus” (misspelling of Artemis, and actual men’s name) points to a wiki disambiguation page including one Artemas Hale, a 19th century Massachusetts politician who lived to ripe old age of 98. Completely irrelevant, just thought it was neat.

3. Oh, interesting. They used a direct quote from one of Davidson’s books in the that Mason tries to show Liam.

[Odin’s] men went without their mailcoats and were mad as hounds or wolves, bit their shields…they slew men, but neither fire nor iron had effect upon them. This is called ‘going berserk’.

Most of what we can see in the screencap s is actually taken directly from a wikipedia article, which includes Davidson’s work. It’s an interesting choice; the short passage contradicts everything else we’ve been told or shown (bestiary) about berserkers, yet they chose to produce a new book and shoot it rather than simply alluding to it (kitsune book) or showing the outside cover or even just the drawings.

4. The date may also have been chosen to reflect the 100 year cycle of the true alpha. In Currents, Deaton tells Scott:

It’s rare. It’s something that doesn’t happen within 100 years, but every once in a while a beta can become an Alpha without having to steal or take that power. They call it a true Alpha. It’s one who rises purely on the strength of the character, by virtue, by sheer force of will.

Note the language. That’s not how people usually say it; it’s “once in a century/100 years” or “a 1 00 years storm/flood/etc.” because we’re describing the uniqueness of an event by referring to an average frequency. The way Deaton says it, however, makes it sound like something that can’t happen less than 100 years apart, possibly even something that happens exactly 100 years apart. 

I checked multiple transcripts sites because that isn’t what I remembered; my brain shifted it to the more typical “once in a 100 years” (much like people “remember” the virtue line as goodness, rather than “by way of”). So thank you for prompting that little gem. It raises questions: was there a true alpha 100 years ago? Was its appearance in any way connected to the founding of Eichen? How much does Deaton know about it?

and because it didn’t already come up

5. “Researched and provided for” their supernatural contingent, something Deaton is involved in or at least, aware of, given his knowledge of the closed ward (s4 visit, invite for Scott& co. in s5a) and its history (said it wasn’t “safe” for the Oni in s3b), possibly its security. After all, Deaton installed the security at the clinic and at Scott’s house, and someone set up the boathouse for Lorraine. Could be him, could be Joe the Supernatural Handy Man.

Back to experimenting on the supernatural. This is Deaton’s reaction post-Tracy:

Scott: How scared should we be? 
DeatonI’ve lived in the world of the supernatural a long time. But I’m still a doctor. Still a man of science. Something like this happens, it rattles the foundation of everything you believe. Something like this shakes you to the core. 
Scott: Something like what? 
Deaton: The rules… The rules have changed.

His language shifts from&n bsp;“I” to “you”. In most people, it wouldn’t be remarkable, but for Deaton it’s a linguistic choice that allows him to tell the truth with the first half of his statement, and misrepresent the truth with the second half. Deaton recognized the Doctors, knew that this wasn’t their first rodeo, and exactly where to find their previous lair in Russia. None of which he shared with the pack. When he walked in he removed his protective gear, moved confidently through the facility, and was not the least bit disturbed by what he saw (babies in jars, entire shelving unit full of bones, a child’s skeleton laid out haphazard, etc.) until he found the tooth. That riled him. (Will save that particular half-baked theory for another time).

Deaton is intimately involved with the supernatural, has close ties to Eichen, and consistently avoids sharing any more information than absolutely necessary, even when it means that a l ot of people will die. He wasn’t surprised by the Doctors’ sudden appearance or the chimeras; creating supernatural creatures wasn’t new to him, only the level of success. Perhaps because he and his colleagues have been doing their own experiments for a very, very long time.

not to derail the conversation, but dementia at a young age? why else would they use dementia in particular and not a more general term to cover up eichen’s sisters supernatural side, if it wasn’t connected to stiles and claudia somehow?

also the name artemis is weird in itself because it’s a feminine name. I found something on wikipedia about artemis fowl and it being given to sons of great hunters but no source whatsoever and I’m not familiar with artemis fowl, so… anyway. my guess is that she either happened to have had whatever claudia (and/or stiles) could have had, or they’re related. given the stiles and lydia are two sides of the same coin thing and her grandmother, it does feel kinda likely that something was up with that entire generation of BH-inhabitants.

areynard asked
So do you think that the nemeton is evil or secretly manipulating the events of the series? If so, what events do you think it caused to happen and what's the nemeton's end goal?

Cracks knuckles

almost but not quite

The nemeton is a prison, we know Noshiko used it like that, and it’s also a power and protecting the power protects the town, and it’s not a stretch to say protecting the nemeton protects the town from what it imprisons.

So the nemeton itself is neutral, it’s a tree, it has no concept of good or evil, but the thing it’s holding back appears be corruptive.

I’m going to do what to some looks like magic trick. We’re going to track the influence of the thing.

And then explain how I got there.

We have in 1977 Alexander Argent does something and runs to Hotel Glen Capri (aka Grand Crappy)  and having been bitten shoots himself. He seems to kick start a whole load of suicides in the motel. It is likely that this was when the nemeton was cut down, as it’s the nearest date between 1945 (when the tree was fine) and 2004 (when the tree was cut down) we’re given, it& rsquo;s also a date that comes back like a stench. Now it might be because that’s when Davis was born except wiki gives that as 75

So it’s not an unreasonable guess at this point. This is when everything starts going to hell. Alexander appears to have tainted the motel, and a lot of the voices Lydia heard were coming from the wood.

This also tainted the Argents, if Alexander was Gerard’s brother it could have got him when he identified the body, feeding on his hatred of the hales until it became obsession.

But then we fast forward to 2004 and we know the nemeton is cut down then, and someone is feeding it, Chris and Gerard find the five fold knot in the nemeton root cellar and it’s covered in blood, they even comment on it. If someone is feeding it the chances are it’s corrupted them. At this point it would simply be suggestions. Just as the motel made stronger the suggestions of suicide, it wouldn’t have the power for out right po ssession. We can infer this because when the flies took control of the wolves it unleased their id - it made them do what they would do anyway if not for their ego/superego combo.

I can be a lot more specific from here on.

IF Deaton was the one feeding the nemeton it would have corrupted him so he would have sabotaged the meeting with the already corrupted Gerard, so when he met Deucalion he genuinely believed Duke was going to betray him and so broke the code to take him out first, in letting him live he spread the corruption. Kate was tainted by her dad, although how Chris evaded it I don’t know, there’s evidence of it in both Victoria and Allison. She burned down the Hale house killing the untainted wolves except Laura, Derek and Peter.

and the possession grows stronger, suggestions have been replaced with commands around this point.

Peter was tainted between coming into the hospital and waking, his nurse unleashes him 2010-2011 and Deaton manipu lates Laura’s return, Peter acts a few times outside his natural behaviour (biting Scott for instance) which makes sense of things, if Deaton had marked the boy as susceptible and the voice made him do it - bam… because the convenience is remarkable donch’a think.

Peter seems to drive out the corruption when he is killed/buried but Gerard’s gets stronger on his return, and it touches Matt who suddenly demands revenge over an old hurt (2004) after it touches Jackson. It is likely Jackson’s rejection is because of this taint, and it chose Matt because he would feed it. this explains why Lahey’s murder is before Matt took control.

Then Jennifer shows up and feeds the tree (she could have been the one feeding it before remember, and is definitely 100% tainted, not possessed, but controlled at this point, because the being doesn’t have the power to possess, although the fuckery in 1945 saw it get out for a bit taking over a dead body = hence Rhys.

So when Deaton lures the kids into the ice bath it opens the door wider, allowing the suggestions, which have become orders to become possession. It’s not powerful enough yet for a full on corporeal form but it can take one, especially one prepped for it - hence Stiles’ possession in 3b

then we get the fuckery of season 4, all of which is feeding it and the doctors show up in 5 feeding more corpses to the nemeton, La Bete might be the thing it was holding, or it might be it’s chamption - take out the last guardian (Parrish) and the doors are open wide.

It’s a reading that makes a lot of sense and the fact I can track it so easily gives it a lot of credence

then you wonder how

and it’s because I’ve seen it before. If you’ve seen me gushing about Legacy of Kain this is why, because this is exactly what the Hylden lord did to get free of the demon world he was banished to when he lost the war, and trappe d under the pillars, he did everything he could to destoy the pillars so he could bring his army through and take over the world. He started with suggestions, and corruptions, then instructions, then commands, then possession finally corporeal manifestation, and he used one of his jailers to open the gate to the hell dimension to bring his army through. And that series comes up a lot, even the mural that the doctors found looks uncannily like the ones that litter those games. Enough my brain went offline when I saw it.

It’s enough of a pattern I’m going to go it’s how ithink it’s going to go, and if we get a season 6 with scott et al, we’re going to see the manifestation of our “hylden lord”

areynard asked
How do you think Rafael being gone for most of Scott's life affected his development? I feel bad for Scott because from his kid perspective, all he knows is that his dad was a drinker and then he knocks Scott down a flight of stairs (which, holy shit) and that same day Raf just disappears. It seems that Scott sees Deaton or Mr. Stilinski (possibly both) as surrogate fathers so it's strange from a narrative POV that they haven't shared a lot of scenes together. What do you think?

Scott has an issue with male authority figures so big it’s practically the defining one. Most of season one and two can be summed up with Scott telling men older than him “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” and that almost cerainly omes from the absence of his dad. He clearly resented him for leaving, or possibly more for not coming back, so he took the dominant male role in the house [he probably heard it a lot, you’ve got to be the man of the house now] as he understood it, and mostly that seemed to be not listening to men telling him what to do

if you look at Coach, he dismisses most of what he says as Coach’s particular brand of crazy and when coach does come down on him (telling him his grades have excluded him from the dance) he ignores him

with deaton it’s a bit sneakier

it’s easier if you look at derek to explain deaton tbh, in 3b Derek had a conversation wth Scott outside Stiles’ hospital ro om where he talked about communicating with his mother, and if there was one thing he learned from that talk with her it was how to talk to scott, instead of this is how it’s going down, or this is what we need to do it became cajole, flatter, insinuate, let him think the idea is his and he’s great for thinking of it and it shifted their entire world view, Derek went from being the enemy to being an ally in the course of one conversation 

Deaton’s being doing that all along, he flatters, suggests, steers but never outright tells or demands

which makes sense as scott is often down right antagonistic to male authority figures to the point that Harris brings it up (in the worst possible way) to Melissa at parent’s evening.

Whether this can solely be placed at the feet of his dad is debateable, it might just be his personality, but it certainly helped


I want to start by saying this is one logical resolution to several plot threads and makes the most sense but that doesn’t mean it’s absolute canon but it fits

I’d like to thank moviecrush who was having a completely non-associated conversation with me when it clicked

it’s all to do with timing.

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“How do you deal with an Alpha Pack?”

I feel like there’s a lot of subtext in this scene, particularly with Stiles, and we should be talking about it. Yeah, Stiles looks resigned to the fact that they’re about to start helping Derek. But, to me, he almost looks guiltily surprised in the 2nd gif. And in the 4th gif, his body language almost looks like an “I’ve been caught” shift. And why is Scott looking at Stiles that way?

Before, when Derek said,“Peter, Isaac, and I have been looking for them for the last 4 months,” his eyes flick over to Stiles:


And then Stiles immediately looks irritated:

Almost like, ‘Oh, here we go. Scott’s gonna find out.’

My new headcanon is that Stiles has been helping Derek out with research on the Alpha Pack and trying to find Erica and Boyd during the summer. He didn’t tell Scott about it because he and Derek didn’t exactly part on good terms. And Scott looks at Stiles with slight surprise in the 3rd gif because he’s starting to put it all together: All those times he tried to get Stiles to hang out but Stiles bailed out on him with half-formed excuses. Why Stiles’ room smells so strongly of werewolf even though Scott’s the only one that would be there and it’s been several weeks since he last visited. Why Stiles was so reluctant to ask Derek for help with the tattoo.

And yes, I’m probably reading way too much into this, but I just really want this t o be a thing! Can this be a thing that we all agree on?


I wanna start this by saying it’s been a long time since I read Deathnote, and I‘ve only read the manga [which I loathed, so I haven’t watched the movies or anime so if there are variations I don’t know them, so please if there are variations let me know]

Deathnote is a manga, or Japanese serialised comic, about what happens when a good kid is given the power of life over death with no repercussions.

Light Yagami finds the Deathnote, which has the following rules.

The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen.

If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Light is the protagonist, he is a hardworking and popular young man, but he has deep set ideas of good and evil that are shown throughout the manga to be deeply problematic. He is convinced of his own rightness in all things and convinces himself that the world is deeply corrupt and that he can fix it. This is before he finds the deathnote. To attain this end he is at university learning to be the best option for the police force, for which his father is a high ranked member. Light’s mother is a side character and does not really feature in the story. Light borders on genius and is a meticulous planner.

Light finds the Deathnote on the ground and originally believes it to be a prank but is fascinated by the possibility and so experiments with it, writing in the name of a local thug who then dies. Faced with the realisation he has done this Light comes to the conclusion that as a person who is morally just he is the only one who can be trusted with the Deathnote and starts his campaign as what comes to be known as Kira. Taking names from the newspapers and his father’s files he uses the Deathnote to kill.

When the original owner of the book, the shinigami Ryuk, appears Light explains his reasonings and assumes that Ryuk’s presence means that he is in agreeance with his plans, despite Ryuk telling him he wants to be the one to kill Light and that humans are amusing [I’ve seen this scene translated as interesting as well and fun]

The vast majority of the story is the cat and mouse game between Light, hiding his alter-ego Kira and the mysterious L who is willing to kill to stop Kira.

When Kira is threatened a second “kira” appears, a girl called Misa Amane who also has a deathnote and is obsessed with Light believing herself in love.

As the story progresses as Ligh t grows more and more powerful he thinks himself a god being owed the worship of the cultists that have grown up around his name and that what he is doing, massacres in some cases, are justice. He is undone by his own hubris when Ryuk turns on him and writes his name in the Deathnote.

Now Deathnote is unique in Teen Wolf sources as it is actually shown in canon. Kira, ironically as it happens, is shown reading the manga, she has a stack of them in her room.

(on a side note I have that same book of myths of japan, it’s great fun)

Now Kira is not a traditional Japanese name, it IS a traditional celtic name [spelt Chiara] but Kira is a transliteration. In Japanese Kira-Kira means sparkly or glittery, it’s onomatopoeia like words like bling. In fact that’s probably the best explanation - it’s the Japanese word for bling-bling.

In Deathnote Kira is a transliteration of Killer. Literally Light is given the pseudonym Killer by the news companie s of what he is doing. He embraces it, so calling a Japanese person Kira is odd, [her mother’s name is non traditional too btw] and most Japanese girl’s names end in the suffix -ko, ie Noshiko. So her name is odd and without the direct link to Deathnote there on her bedside table most likely would have gone unnoticed.

Clothing choices in teen wolf are distinct too and Kira is dressed very much like Misa Amane does in the manga. She wears the same short kilts and black shirts - it could be a meta on it’s own but apart from Misa’s signature pigtails [she also has her hair bleached blonde in the anime/manga but not in the live action movies] the two of them are twin. Even Kira’s character is very like Misa.

But the big comparison is clearly between Scott and Light. Light is not an obvious villain, and in his own head he’s not, he’s the hero. By being the protagonist the narrative supports him, with only a few exceptions who he kills a re genuine criminals, either judged in court or confirmed by personal knowledge. The exceptions are those who come close to learning his secret. He drives away his friends to protect the secret but doesn’t hurt them. He just throws himself into work, and uses Misa’s fascination to further his agenda.

Scott doesn’t have Light’s determination to planning, of if he does we don’t see it, and he is much more determined to show how much he cares for Kira, he might genuinely think himself in love with her and that justifies his behaviour in regards to her, and what he does for her and in her name. He brushes over her arguments and then lies to her to “protect” her much in the same way that Light uses the Deathnote - he believes in every part of him he’s doing the right thing.

In the same way Scott believes he is using his power to protect the town, but in many ways he is preventing that protection, not through malice but his defini tion is very much like Light’s, that what he does, the liberties he takes, are justified as they are for the “greater good” however the scale in Teen Wolf is much smaller, he is protecting the town not the world, but sometimes we get the impression that given the chance he’d do that, perhaps after high school. Light believes the murder of L is justified because it protects his role as Kira, and Kira is cleansing the world and I would not be surprised if Scott uses the same justification wth Theo. We know Theo betrayed him and played him, but we don’t know why yet. We don’t know why Theo is the manipulator, and I would not be surprised if he is the one in the L role, as opposed to the rest of the “pack” taking roles in the task force to bring down “Kira” as it were.

Deathnote is an interesting source because it is the one that canonises a character who is doing terrible things believing them to be good because of the jus tification that they gave them. Light is accepted to be a good person but he’s not, like Scott, and it’s also very interesting that the same mangaka wrote Hikaru no Go [a manga about the search for the Divine Move in go], I can trace back to Deathnote in many ways and these are the few I can think of offhand. Others will present more.

I genuinely think the parallel between Light and Scott is the point, in the manga Light is undone by his own followers and his steadfast belief in them. He does not realise that Ryuk, who has consistently helped him, is doing it because it’s fun not out of a sense of loyalty. He genuinely cannot comprehend that Ryuk would betray him - and he does. In the anime he is shot before Ryuk writes in his name, and the scene of him begging for life is absent.

Rather than take this into guesses at what would happen in Teen Wolf I’ll leave this open, but if the parallel does hold true it might be what will happen at the end of s eason 5, because of the original cast of Deathnote, only Misa gets out alive.

It does however, and one of the things I want to open debate about, is bring into question why he lied to Kira and then tried to protect her when she was arrested - did he do it because he loved her, or because he wanted to protect his most loyal follower?

We’ve discussed before how Scott fulfils the characteristics of  and Kira becomes a god, Light certainly believes his own hype and both feeds and feeds off the cult he creates [one of the final images of the manga is the worshippers of Kira] 

Is the parallel between Scott and Light a terrible prophecy? and if so was the betrayal of his pack [on both sides] caused by theo inevitable, and is Theo the villain of the piece despite being villainous and not good a person.